Merle French Bulldogs – Just Say No

If you care about French Bulldogs please say NO to Merle French Bulldogs – also known as Mexican Frenchies, Merle Mexican Frenchies, Mexican French Bulldogs, Miniature Merle French Bulldogs and French Merle Bulldog. Please do not buy Merle French Bulldogs for sale, or purchase French Bulldogs of any other colors from breeders of Merle French Bulldogs or Mexican Frenchies. Merles mean misery for too many of the French Bulldogs produced.

While French Bulldogs can come in many colors and patterns, the gene for Merle patterning is the one that is not found in purebred French Bulldogs. Breeders produce so called Merle “French Bulldogs” by cross breeding a French Bulldog to a dog of a breed that carries Merle – usually Chihuahuas.

The resulting offspring are screened and selected for the merle dogs that  look most like purebred French Bulldogs. These dogs are then crossed together again, and the puppies are then sold to the unsuspecting public as “purebred” Merle French Bulldogs or “purebred” Mexican Frenchies. These cross bred dogs carry a very high price tag – much higher than the best bred French Bulldog from health tested, well bred litters.

Merles Equal Misery

Backyard breeders and puppy mills eager to produce high priced exotic merles won’t hesitate to breed two merles together – a process referred to as “merle to merle” or “double merle”. Crossing merle to merle has serious, documented health risks – deafness, blindness, Microphthalmia (small, deformed or even missing eyes) and even a condition referred to as “lethal white” which can result in abnormally high deaths in utero.

Severely affected MM (homozygous merle) individuals are often nearly all white, deaf, sterile, and blind or affected by various visual abnormalities.

Dr. George M. Strain, leading expert on Canine Deafness, LSU

Ask yourself – what kind of person would risk this suffering in tiny French Bulldog puppies, just to get a higher price on the pups who do survive? What do you imagine happens to all of the abnormal, deaf, blind or disfigured puppies that are a byproduct of producing a handful of Merle French Bulldog puppies healthy enough to offered for sale?

Due to the associated health concerns, it is not believed that serious breeders would intentionally mate a merle to merle

Kennel Club of England

If a breeder is ignoring even the chances of producing blind, deaf or deformed French Bulldogs by breeding for Merle French Bulldogs, what are the chances they care at all about any other health testing?

For every one healthy merle French Bulldog puppy you see, how many “Misery Merles” had to suffer, or even die? How high of a price are you willing to ask these puppies to pay, just so that you can own a fad color?